Hi! My name is Benjamin Rife and I’m the Sports Director in charge of WOSN. Although I certainly don’t see myself as much of a blogger, the opportunity to communicate directly with viewers is something I couldn’t pass up. Although I will post from time to time, most often I’ll use this page to communicate events or special happenings that I’m made aware of.

And appropriately, the first special happening I’d like to talk about is the update to our website. If you’ve reached this page, undoubtedly you’ve seen some of the changes to our website. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t usually care for change, but hopefully, in this case, you’ll agree this is for the best! But why change? Several reasons:

The Look. First, and probably most noticeably, our look had become a little dated. In this day and age a webpage can start to look a little boring after just a few months. It had been a few years since we had changed our look, so we were due.

Performance. If you had been on our site on a football Friday night looking for a score, things might have been a little sluggish. We don’t want that. So we rebuilt the site from the ground up. Indeed, our website has never gone through an overhaul this complete since it’s inception at the start of WOSN.

Simplicity. For whatever reason, television stations seem to have some of the most confusing, complex and overstuffed websites you can find. Granted, there’s a lot of information we’re trying to communicate. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, there’s no point in having a site. In fact, I would get so many emails from people asking questions that were easily answered by information on the site, we posted a FAQ section to try and help. I believe that we’ve reduced the site down to the information you want in a way that you can easily find.

And who made it possible? Many thanks go out to Zach Bowers who was able to give form and design to the vision we had. Many thanks also is owed to Ken Vedder who assisted with the behind the scenes architecture and some design elements as well. Also, thanks belong to the photographers who are contributing their artwork to improve the overall appearance of the site. Please make sure to visit their stores and purchase any images you like!

I’m confident that we’ve designed a site that streamlines the look, simplifies the information and shores up the capacity of the site so that our viewers will find WOSN.tv to be enjoyable and useful for years to come. Enjoy the new home of WOSN!